World wide web Jetset Review – Law firm Reveals John Crestani Affiliate Advertising Program

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25 Thoughts to “World wide web Jetset Review – Law firm Reveals John Crestani Affiliate Advertising Program”

  1. Seems like a good program to me. The video title is a bit sensitive though don't you think?.

  2. I heard the two . words I"ve been looking for – paid ads

  3. I don't like you using "Exposed" In the thumbnail and in the name of the video. Why so try hard? :/

  4. The deal is this. John answered my question via e-mail two days ago. To implement this sytsem you have to either make videos for YouTube, or writing blogs and create a group or business page on Facebook and run free ads. This is why I hardly can see that it would be possible to make that much money and as fast as he claims. Am I wrong? I don't think I'll take up this course.

  5. Being a lawyer, do you find it unethical to be an affiliate of product and information you've never used? Apart from this course which you've obviously used.

  6. is john Chow a scam?
    whats the difference between chow and this?
    I know it's not easy but how long would it take following theses systems to generate 2k a month?

    also in the 47 dollar class/module I am skeptical because I don't want to purchase it and its full of things that are on you tube. because one of them are the jedi mind trick

  7. how much is the super affiliate course? what are all the upsell prices?

  8. So the course is $47 or $47 monthly?
    Is the content in the course still valid and effective and does it get updates?
    I'm keen for this course so far

  9. hi i tried to buy John jetset but the problem is my country isn't their in the icon bar any help ? and thanks

  10. Are you still crushing it to this day with Affiliate Marketing? I'm joining through your link if you are!

  11. does this course come with a Facebook group?

  12. I have a question about this, when applying for the one on one coach sessions every week is there a fee you have to pay? I spoke on the phone with one of the members there earlier today and said I had to pay a fee in order to get access to the coach sessions, is that legit?

  13. any filipino that you know that became succesful on this? im been searching for the right system that will work im new on the transition

  14. hi alen, love your post video, it is very straight and informative, i am from india so kindly tell me can this work for me in india.

  15. does the 12week super afiliate programe/training cost me more money than the 47usd i have to pay for the jetset?

  16. good review, how much do you spend on paid advertising per month?

  17. havent made even a buck in facebook paid ads …this training would help me lot…1k/week will make me feel a millionare

  18. I am looking to get into this can someone who is legitmate and unbiased have an opinion on this?

  19. I like your style, good quality content and very honest. You are still applying something from the internet jetset upsells?

  20. I wish to know if that works fo me in Colombia ?

  21. i never earn a commission online

  22. Hey man, can I ask if I need prior knowledge as someone is completely new to this would you straight up buy it or learn about SEO and creating websites ? Apologies if this sounds silly I'm new to this 🙂

  23. I'm still training, need to set up my store. I like this, motivated. I hate working for a boss.

  24. Good information….you're a man trying to help others…hope to meet you in the future sir…cheers….Frank

  25. Nice video. I am apart of the Internet Jetset community and would like to ask a question. It looks like the website went from superaffiliatesystem to Internet Jetset. Has the content changed from the switch over or is it the same? Also I would like to ask which part of his content has impacted you the most? I am kind of skeptical as to if it will work or not because I have tried similar things in the past. Let me know what you think!

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