Why is Bitcoin So Important?

Why is Bitcoin So Important? You’ll receive $ten in absolutely free bitcoin by signing up with this connection Coinbase: …


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28 Thoughts to “Why is Bitcoin So Important?”

  1. I get people telling me that they wish for cryptocurrency to parish. They are clearly an idiot after the price ramping up on graphics cards. Thank you for explaining this <3

  2. ps the blockchain so huge now your phone can't hold it and is insecure

  3. but you can't MINE it anymore and you have to BUY it with fiat currency and usually change it back so when those early users who are holding millions of coins from when mining was easy 20 coins a day on an old graphics card… it will crash

  4. I have been investing in cryptocurrency for kicks but now I finally get it..

  5. I really like your videos and youve given me the information i need to invest in cryptocurrencies! I have seen in some videos that you recommend us to write our wallet adress? Bitcoin: 1Q7JQZHs8hwuWSBSTy1ucZGNruJUKqkUhJ
    Etherum: 0xdB671F536F13C0aCC0eD613e0A7034fBBEEaf40d

  6. What do u think of one coin??? Scam or good

  7. why doesnt everyone have bitcoin if it's so accessible?

  8. Just starting to learn about bitcoin. Very interesting prospect. Any trusted sites for further information? I need understanding bitcoin for dummy's. Crypto too.. 🙂

  9. This guy is a joke. First off, he has a striking resemblance to quagmire and second, watch his other videos last year about bitcoin. He is just part of the heard. He is a parrot.

  10. I agree, Bitcoin and block chain technology is the future of the internet!

  11. hello boss I want to ask you something . if I purchased $300 of Bitcoin today and let it sit will the commodity grow alone when price skyrockets? is it similar to holding a stock? I purchased physical off eBay

  12. Thanks Ameer, Check this out if this sort of thing interests you:

    BitCoin Laboratory is a wonderful platform offering 3.6% daily on your mining investment. You can withdraw every hour if you choose!!!!!: https://btclab.io/?ref=FreshB

  13. I have an idea is it possible to short bit coin now that the India currency deadline has past?

  14. Bitcoin is not money it is only a ledger or a form of book keeping saying you have a thousand widgets doesn't mean anything and calling book keeping mining is just stupid. A mining operation takes a tremendous amount of energy and a tremendous amount of luck. But coin mining is just paying someone to do book keeping. This whole thing is silly

  15. u mentioned india well the problem here is the banking system is on a cleaning drive trying to bring all the money in the banking system in that process the public are having a hard time.

  16. Great video Ameer. I will be watching more of them. I am rather new to cryptocurrency dealing as an online business owner and marketer. I have become most enthusiastic due to watching videos like this that explain the benefits for consumers and business everywhere. The banks have controlled our money for too long in my opinion and crypto empowers people which the banks and Governments hate. Coming (Jan 2017) is a coin and delivery system for the masses DasCoin. http://www.getdascoins.com

  17. At the moment the main things aren't your life aren't set up to take this currency eg buying a house or a car etc so until the mainstream gets with bit coin surely thats Worthless? I'm eager to learn, please enlighten me

  18. I recently got a coinbase wallet and have bought bitcoin and ethereum. Once your bank card is linked up its pretty easy and straightforward. . my deal is that I'm not massively tech savvy and am concerned about losing my phone or forgetting passwords etc. Also if I get a paper wallet for keeping long term and you add to your bitcoin total after you've printed your wallet, I guess that means you have to keep printing new wallets??? Any feedback much appreciated. . cheers.

  19. You also buy Bitcoin from Bitcoin ATM's!

  20. Very nice! Your video clarifies many new concepts, and more important: it makes us revisit many other old (until now) solidified concepts. Congrats!

  21. Well described. Thanks. I understand the benefits. It is all great. Yet one must understand that it is a new world currency, and it is somehow an entity hosting it. So it is susceptible to fluctuations in value, eventually, even to the smallest degree. I is a correct statement?

  22. Hey Ameer, I'm a 16 year old student and have some money on the bank. I know I can just do whatever I want with the money because I'm still young and don't need to buy my own stuff (thank you parents). But I do try to use my money in a way that I learn skills that will benefit me later. I have subscriptions on Treehouse and Blinkist, I recently also put a couple hundreds in funds to learn a bit about the stock market but what should I do with the money? I hope you can help me because im afraid i will otherwise spend it on a new PC, laptop, motorcycle and other stuff I don't need
    Thank you for the great content

    Maybe it is a good topic for a future video
    A dedicated viewer Beau

  23. I feel like it's just a form of currency not yet controlled.

  24. Andreas antonopoulos look that guy nobody can explain Bitcoin better than him

  25. How are taxes going to work when everybody pays with Bitcoins?


  27. Thanks for the video. I'm starting to understand the concept of Bitcoin. I just signed up on Block Geeks hoping to get more info on the what the how of Bitcoin so I can start to use it to cover my as$ financially.

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