What is Services Style?

A small animation describing the fundamental principles of provider design. Understand much more at Manufactured by:


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10 Thoughts to “What is Services Style?”

  1. Nicely done. Well organized concise and easy to understand explanation. Making the intangible—tangible, i.e., Service Design.

  2. Great work. A good and helpful explanation for my assignment. Video length not too long, just enough to capture what is important. Probably some literature references will help a lot.

  3. Yousef this is great thanks. I'm thinking of making an animation to compliment what i do which is (pretty much) similar (focusing on service design and delivery​ through agile). May I ask … did you make this video? if so what software or did you hire someone, if so could you recommend? Thanks from the UK!

  4. Hi Yosef. I'm about to start up a small consultant business in Copenhagen. If okay with you I would like to use this video on my coming website to help explain the concept of service design – if you have the rights? Thanks in advance

  5. loud distracting music. Gives headache

  6. It's useful.. Thank you. One small note: Music is distorting the voice of the presenter.

  7. great! Helpful and I love the concept art too.

  8. this was very informative. thank you

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