twenty Amazing Illustrations of Written content Internet marketing Startups

twenty Amazing Illustrations of Written content First Startups. Creator: Joe Pulizzi, Written content Evangelist at Written content Internet marketing Institute. Obtain from SlideShare …


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20 Amazing Examples of Content Marketing Startups

20 Amazing Examples of Content First Startups. Author: Joe Pulizzi, Content Evangelist at Content Marketing Institute. Download from SlideShare

Is there a better way to launch and grow a business? Joe Pulizzi believes the answer is yes. This presentation features 20 different examples of how entrepreneurs built remarkable businesses by first developing a loyal audience, and then launching products or services second.

Transcript of "20 Amazing Examples of Content-First Startups (the Content Inc. Model)"

6. MOZ Today: Moz is one of the leading providers of SEO software, boasting revenues of over $30 million USD per year and thousands of customers. It may surprise you: Rand Fishkin, CEO of Moz (originally called SEOMoz), started his blog on search engine optimization insights back in 2004. In less than five years, Moz had over 100,000 e-mail subscribers. Rand originally monetized the audience through consulting services, but in 2007, Moz launched a beta subscription service for software tools and reports. By 2009, Moz closed the consulting business entirely and focused on selling software to its audience.
8. ANN REARDON (HOW TO COOK THAT) Today: Sydney, Australia’s Ann Reardon is the “baking queen of YouTube.” Ann boasts over one million YouTube subscribers and has marketing deals with companies such as electrical appliance company, Breville and kitchenware company, World Kitchen. It may surprise you: In 2011, after giving birth to her third son, Ann was looking for something to do during her night feedings, so she launched a recipe site called How to Cook That. In three years she went from 100 subscribers to over 16 million views on YouTube. Her key? Focusing on impossible food creations.
13. PEWDIEPIE Today: Sweden’s Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, aka PewDiePie, is the most subscribed YouTube personality on the planet. Since inception, PewDiePie’s videos on indie games have garnered more than 8 billion views. According to Forbes, PewDiePie made $7 million dollars in 2014. It may surprise you: According to Wikipedia: “In 2010, during his time at university, he registered his PewDiePie YouTube account. The following year he dropped out to focus on his YouTube channel, much to the chagrin of his parents. Having been refused support from them, PewDiePie began working at a hot dog stand to fund his videos.”
16. GLOSSIER Today: The business of Glossier is thriving, with founder Emily Weiss recently raising $8.4 million from Thrive Capital and other investors. It may surprise you: Emily Weiss began the company as a simple blog. 200,000 followers on Instagram and 60,000 Facebook fans later, Glossier has become one of the leading online retailers for skin care products.
18. DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY SCHOOL Today: Darren Rowse built two amazingly successful Content Inc. models. The first one, Problogger, focuses on small business blogging. The second, Digital Photography School, is one of the leading sources for beginning photographers on how to get the maximum out of their picture- taking skills. It may surprise you: Darren started Digital Photography School as a camera- review blog. Darren then pivoted to education, and has now become one of the leading online training sites for enthusiast photographers.
20. ENTREPRENEURONFIRE (EOF) Today: Fire Nation (as Founder John Lee Dumas likes to call it), has become a multi-million dollar podcasting empire in just the last few years. EOF is consistently rated as one of the top podcasts in the startup space. It may surprise you: Every month, John releases a podcast to his fans that details where every dollar of revenue comes from in the business. And you know what? Business is doing really well.
21. RIVER POOLS & SPAS Today: River Pools & Spas is one of the top installers of fiberglass pools in North America, and recently started manufacturing their own line of fiberglass pools. It may surprise you: On the verge of bankruptcy, River Pools started a blog to answer all the customers’ top questions as it pertained to fiberglass pools. In a two-year period, they went from fifth in their market to selling more fiberglass pools that any company in North America, all due to the blog.

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