Total Windows ten on ARM 64bit 10nm Qualcomm Snapdragon 835

Qualcomm demonstrates a whole variation of Windows ten jogging every x86 software by means of emulation technology that Microsoft and Qualcomm have worked …


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31 Thoughts to “Total Windows ten on ARM 64bit 10nm Qualcomm Snapdragon 835”

  1. and if they will put 4 (835 chip with the new RAM size of 3MB) soc that work togther on the same motherboard, it will be like having 4 parallel cores, that can kill intel i5 core, easliy

  2. this will kill apple, and I am saying it having all apple devices available (almost)

  3. Intel is dying… rip intel in every where… Amd killed intel in desktop and on laptop qualcomm 😂

  4. Snapdragon 845 uses 7 nanometer. I want that battery life

  5. Guys who wanna windows 10 key go link#
    It works great after i used to share.

  6. Just to be sure, does it actually run 32-bit and 64-bit 3rd party software?

  7. Check out his development device. It looks like a small tablet/large smartphone.

  8. Intel is screwed, we can see where this is going… interesting fact, Apple has the best ARM SOCs implementations out there, will be funny to see Windows running faster on Macs then on PCs

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  10. I have a phone using arm Qualcom snapdragon

  11. i think it kinda idiotic intel not sellin their own version of arm processor

  12. So who are you? "drops board" So my name's Andrew…

  13. precursor to surface phone. Take my money already! 🙂

  14. I hope hey will make a phone with full windows 10

  15. O shoot intel u in big trouble

  16. Of Intel are going to be dicks about allowing this to exist.

  17. 45MB per sec transfer speed is not bad for a start.

  18. Honestly mate. It's running full windows with support for win32 and universal apps. That's most apps. Stop asking the same question over and over… Or if it will run anti malware, or saying one day it might even run video editing or benchmark apps. It will run them now!!… As in right now, as in without needing to do anything. It's not that hard a concept!

  19. pretty sick
    congratulations Qualcomm

  20. "thinner devices" no, no please

  21. 2017 aka the year Intel gets buttfucked by AMD and ARM

  22. Would like to see a desktop platform built on these boards

  23. Good job ms.. finally beat apple to arm for pc's

  24. If it can beat a r7 1700x with an rx580 in benchmarks I'll buy it. Never mind its pretty much a phone running on pc. Just no.

  25. it looks like windows, because it is windows. facepalm

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