THE RAGS ARE Nevertheless WAVING ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ τα κουρελια κυματιζουν ακομα

THE RAGS ARE STILL WAVING ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ τα κουρελια κυματιζουν ακομα

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35 several years of optimism,

35 several years of “democratic” governments dominated by nepotism, favouritism, insider working and corruption scandals

35 several years of deteriorating social expert services and a declining education system alongside the radical and religious conservatism (re)developing idle and corrupted citizens, anarchists, junkies and teams of marginalized people today

35 several years of people today shouting for a adjust but in reality entrenching the debauchery deeper with their quite very own votes, existence and neglected/spoilt young children born in an setting with no prospective clients, no primary preparing and no aspirations for the future

35 several years of non-existent intelligentsia alongside the dominance of guided media, Television trash and trash deliberations, life style promoting, use fetishism in equally the middle-aged and more youthful generations

35 several years of improperly deciding upon, improperly coaching, improperly dealing with and improperly worthwhile the Police Power

35 several years of tutorial institutions supplying asylum to anarchism and petty crime when apathetic political parties, the justice system, tutorial communities and pupil unions have all been idle and useless bystanders

35 several years with anarchism being the most energetic but harmful response to the overall stagnation and debauchery of the socio political scene

35 several years immediately after the changeover from the Colonels dictatorship to the unlimited flexibility of the so known as revolutionary “polytechnic generation” that became the existing middle aged politicians and also the mother and father of the rioting youngsters in Greece

35 several years of uncontrolled liberalization and petty politics inflating the bubble of social optimism for a brighter future that under no circumstances comes

35 several years immediately after the first riot at the complex college of Athens in opposition to the military junta,
the bubble of the well hatched self-harmful optimism bursts out …. and the working day immediately after will be neither trivial nor brighter …

Ιδεαλισμοί και Πραγματικότητες

Posted by bilwander on 2008-twelve-08 eighteen:fifteen:35

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