The Kony 2012 Phenomenon ( set)

These days we go over the Kony 2012 viral marketing marketing campaign which was released by an group identified as “Invisible Kids” which calls for navy intervention in Africa in purchase to arrest…


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33 Thoughts to “The Kony 2012 Phenomenon ( set)”

  1. The Kony 2012 Phenomenon
    is just another excuse for war .

  2. @Cynics29 I am very aware of the world around me. You say Kony is a non issue? tell that to the international court, tell that to the thousands of kids he raped and murdered. no go back to playing video games and let the adults worry about the real world.

  3. @Newfiekid420 You clearly have no idea what is really going on in the world. You probably still think Kony is a bad man taking children in Uganda. Kony is a none issue, has not been an issue for a few years now. You get all the hipster wannabe activists to start pushing an Idea like this, all the retards who wanted to end the war in Iraq are going to push it to a country who has done nothing wrong…why for OIL. The Hipsters don't know that, they think its to stop Kony. blood is on your hands

  4. @Cynics29 now go back to your parents basement and keep discussing the merits of the newest video game released and let the adults debate the real world, ok?

  5. @Cynics29 if all you can do is point out a grammar error and judge one based on their handle name, that's just sad. are you the grammar police?. You say I am riding a guilt train, then you go and assume the Co-founder is guilty. I never said anyone was guilty. I do believe that this man deserves a fair trial as do all accused of crimes. Again someone tell me why it is wrong to want this man to face criminal court? What lies am I spreading? I have stated nothing of the sort.

  6. @Newfiekid420 "I am grown adult"… for one that says a lot, two Your Username is Newfie(KID)420. I think I have said enough for now. Do your homework about things like this… you might be spreading lies, that other people who are just as dumb and don't research things like this will also buy into. The Co-Founder was just arrested for publicly masturbating and destroying cars. Don't ride a Guilt Train, when the driver of the train is money hungry. A lot more to be said, Do research…

  7. Oh and I will not donate money, I will spread the message. It's a start! I do not believe in things because a celebrity says so. I am grown adult capable of making my own decisions, please do not insult mine or others intelligence by saying so. Please tell me what is wrong with wanting Kony to face justice?

  8. We are all entitled to believe what we believe, to support what we believe is right. I cannot understand why people are coming out trying to tell others what they should and should not believe in. Let it be man!

  9. @TiMMYSQUibbLES There are some excellent vids out by actual Ugandans on this. Look around Youtube, you'll see them.

  10. @DesudesChan Ty for the comment. That is why I made sure to mention my nationality, so ppl would know we are not all hateful idiots.We've lost hope in the system, too. I can't even believe that they wrote the NDAA, least of all, signed it!Yup, Ron Paul all the way, even if he, too, is a fake, we have to do something!!!

  11. @MCrushala Thanks I did not notice that.

  12. @sev348 whoops lol wow thanks Whole*

  13. it got that much views because hollywood pro war whores has been promoting it everywhere in the medias.

  14. @MCrushala screw spelling if you can read it and understand it its fine

  15. @sev348 wow, 14 people either didn't notice that you used the wrong spelling of "whole/hole" or they just didn't care.

  16. I agree with your views…..the US now has almost all of the Middle East politically (soon they willl have Iran to complete it) they have Asia and North America, Europe financially, and now they are going after the last continent to complete their global domination. the British Empire is nothing in comparision to the US Empire.

  17. @sev348 Same here, people get so easily influenced about anything that they don't put much thought into it even if it's for good intentions but like Dan Dicks has said, people need to do some research about what's behind all of this before anything else and i totally agree with that

  18. What about the Palestinians and many other injustices around the world..I thought this was not quite right..

  19. The Ugandans don't even agree with KONY 2012!

  20. @Fidokrab Thats exactly how i feel, the government has to step up a notch and indeed they have.

  21. Fucking cunning shits, the social engineers are now using Guilt Bandwagon against us. Who knows what to believe now, especailly after Ghaddafii or w/e hes name is. He built hospitles & schools, tried to bring in the Gold Dinar… Then out of the blue… he just goes on a rampage and kills his own people. Does that make sense??? Im paranoid to a degree now

  22. @RndmMexican It's OK I think back in high school peer pressure or lack of maturity would have me in the same boat. At least you see it for what it is now. 🙂 Have you ever heard of the Janjaweed? They are also a bad bunch. No one ever cares to stop them.

  23. Easy option!!! 10 million dollars for him.. dead or alive!!

  24. It's Uganda you stupid fucking canadian hippy!! Not Africa! Get a job and contribute..

  25. Celebrities figures are controlled as you know man. Private for profit news agencies and media have a private agendas for profit or media control otherwise they wouldnt discuss these issues. Private news agencies and media defo dont care about dying Africans. Otherwise they would of been heavily covering these topics constantly over the last 50 years. Millions of children die each year from hunger globally. Thanks media for not caring. I am sure your stock price is very high.

  26. its SHIT……and the SHIT is makeing it go viral to convince the humans to war……any war….anywhere…………al the fucking time…….cnn needs to have something to broadcast other than homegrown terrorism……those who fight for thier rights in their own country……..hey lets destract our own people with something else…..cuz?…….noone is backing the iran war… well agree with this one but accualy be in iran…….the brits are thier….and and and……gadafii was killed by

  27. New world order meeting:
    "Hey guys, about that Ugandan invasion… how are we gonna justify it?"
    "I dunno, that's a tough one, how are we gonna justify killing innocent African children?"
    "Hey, I know, lets say its to STOP children dying, at the hands of a warlord in exile and most likely dead, and profit from it while we're at it!"
    Kony 2012.

  28. Bill Clinton… say no more.
    I don't trust anyone who uses a women's Virgina for a Cigar case.

    That little blonde kid will grow up and find out just how Sick! His father is.

  29. me too…red flags galore…BS KONY KAMPAIGN…I agree, stop him, but…can u say distraction mind-control event…namaste

  30. Are you experiencing an earthquake or just too cheap to buy a tripod?

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