The Kony 2012 Phenomenon ( set)

These days we go over the Kony 2012 viral marketing marketing campaign which was released by an group identified as “Invisible Kids” which calls for navy intervention in Africa in purchase to arrest… supply  

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F16 Higher Pace Lower Go … More than A B-17 … An 11 2nd Movie

2,526-1-56 … An 11 2nd newbie movie … an F-16 does a substantial velocity low move flyover of the B-17 function scene. … Switch up your audio, unless you are at work, or somebody’s sleeping. … Until your co-employee is asleep at work and you want to startle them. The to start with audio you listen to is the rumble of the B-17 idling. … Then the F-16 drowns it out. Taken 6-fifteen-07 at the B-17G “Aluminum Overcast” function in Denver Colorado 6-13-07 as a result of 6-eighteen-07. This previous…

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Obrum ADVANCED STEALTH Main Battle Tank Marketing video NEW chalenger to abrams and merkava tank

Design Polish tank direct support created by OBRUM in partnership with the British BAE Systems [2] . A model of the vehicle was unveiled at International Defence Industry Exhibition September 2 2013 years [3] . According to the assumptions of designers full prototype to be completed in 2016 , and mass production is scheduled to begin in 2018 year [2], [4] . Layout PL-01 is very similar to the standard of the main tanks . Driver takes place on the front of the vehicle and an unmanned turret is mounted…

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