Sport of Thrones – Mobile Projection Marketing campaign

We had two weeks to prepare and execute a four metropolis cellular projection campaign for HBO’s strike clearly show.
The conclude consequence was a series of pop-up multimedia performances in New York, Philadelphia, LA, and San Francisco.

For mobility and overall flexibility we mounted our projection turret on moving cars and controlled the Dragon animations with a real time online video activity engine driven by a gamepad, which permitted us realtime management of the dragon in 3D no issue how or where we had been projecting him traveling.

Consumer: Katie Bowman from Rubik Internet marketing
Director / Producer / Strategy by : Ryan Uzilevsky
Line Producers: Dusting Highbridge, Tony Monschini
Animation Director / Application Developer: Todd Bryant
Projectionists: Brandon Epperson, Josh James
Animator: Carmine Laietta V
Fabricator: Eric Coolidge

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