RV Living Value VS. Renting A Home – WHAT We are Locating OUT

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21 Thoughts to “RV Living Value VS. Renting A Home – WHAT We are Locating OUT”

  1. I am only 30 seconds in and I start fangirling bc yall live in the same city!!!! This is awesome!!

  2. see, for me, it would be better.  I have no credit cards and my old car is fully paid.  I am single, so my costs are going to be real down.  I htinkt that with my meager job, I can afford living in an RV a lot more than renting.

  3. Thanks for your videos. My hubby and i will be rving soon and your comments are helpful. If you were ever in Colorado give us a holler.

  4. Love these type of vids.Subbed

  5. Insurance isn't really insurance for anything. It's a Capitalist power industry developed by shrewd cons who want to take your money. One is forced to have it in order to follow the rules, but once you use it (even if the fault is not on you) you become a liability and your rates change as well as your status. The insurance companies are constantly looking for ways to get rid of clients who use their money by filing claims and keep taking the money from those who don't or never will. Sick game!!!

  6. You seem like a nice young couple new to RV'ing. I've been teaching RV maintenance courses for 6 years and have been a RV Technician for 17 years. If you need some advice or want to save money you could check out our site rvmaintenancetips.org. I go into full detail on how RV dealerships work and go over a ton of safety issues as well

  7. So, what happens when you become pregnant?

  8. What about the land or parking?

  9. Amen on the Yeshua tatoo!

  10. People dont like talking about money for a couple reasons, one people strangely start getting jealous that you have cut all your bills and pay nothing when they are slaving away. Two, people view fulltime RV people who make money just on youtube and patreon as mooches that dont work even if they put out videos all the time. So when they say how much bills are and such they think oh look how much the ebeg on youtube to afford that. They dont think about the time and effort it takes to edit videos, setting up shots, etc is very time consuming. It has gotten to the point that a lot of RV people have actually left youtube because of harassment. Take nomadic fanatic he barely stayed on youtube. He might or might not have a criminal past which he has since moved on from and tried to live life and be a good person but people actually tracked down all this, lied saying he has warrants even though you deal with cops when your randomly boon dock so if he did, he would be in jail. Tried editing his videos to make him say horrible things. He cant do realtime videos because if he makes a video and posts it that people will actually try to find him and harass him. All kinds of horrible things, they liked calling the cops on him about his cat being in a RV but it did have AC. All out of people being pretty much jealous about his lifestyle. The trolls are hard on his channel. The last reason is money really isnt a subject you want to bring up on youtube in general because you either get trolls saying you dont make that much or you must ebegging. Its just a cycle of hate a lot of the time. Unless you mod your comments a lot you will have tons of trolls harassing you and people who like you.

  11. Im just moving out of my home now, tired of flood insurence, taxes, insurence, Florida is ridiculous on insurence cost ! Bought a Flagstaff Super Vlite 27 VRL. Parked it at my parents house so I can help take care of them and in the future and can go anywhere I want. Its really hard tring to figuare out what to keep! Your Vids have help me alot on things I havnt thought of. Im sure the transition from a house to a RV will have its challenges, but i think when I have only the things I really need and not a bunch of stuff to worry about it will be worth it!

  12. Wow!! She is beautiful 😊❤️🇺🇸

  13. I'm selling my home and from THAT sale I should be able to cash out a new motor home or 5th wheel plus new truck. Haven't made up my mind yet on which to buy. I think the fear of trying to back up in a RV you have to haul with a truck is going to be the determining factor, though. I'm also thinking of joining Thousand Trails since two of their campsites are fairly close to where I work.

  14. Wake up people the CEO of the RV companies are selling crap that breaks down because of made in China crap. Keep letting us know how that works out.

  15. RVillage.com is a great website for RVers and offers a lot of groups to join for advice and like minded interests. If you purchase their lifetime gold membership (extremely reasonable at about $20) you will have access to discounts from many needed RV items (awnings etc). They even recommend joining a group called "Boondockers Welcome" that has a directory of private residents who allow you to stay on their property for free. There's way too many good apps and groups to mention here, but the regular membership is free so you can explore the groups and see the discounts ahead of time. On a side note, we have purchased our 28 ft Winnebago Mini about a year ago now and like you are enjoying learning about the RV lifestyle. Great channel, we sub'd to give you a boost to the numbers:) Safe travels!

  16. 😎👍LIKE👍 and subbed
    😎👍 Doug

  17. I believe I'll buy my own peace of land then perhaps sit one on it won't have to deal with parks.

  18. Walmart offers a good year radial tire. The also offer a hazard warranty the is great for like ten dollars extra. We got a nail in one of ours an he replaced the tire for the price of a new warranty fee. Only en dollars

  19. …interesting the truth about $, usually the $ collectors don't like to tell how much they keep for their afterlife😉…silly.
    Do you have 🐈🐕s insurance,..
    Really good vlog 👍✨

  20. Ill be full time soon as well, it just AMAZES me how RV Manufactures only warranty their RV for 1 year!! Thats absolutely unreal. I wish someone would step in and make it at least 3-5 like a vehicle.

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