Programs Theory: 1 Evaluation and Synthesis

For complete classes see: A brief video clip describing the key dissimilarities in between analytical procedures of reasoning and devices …


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11 Thoughts to “Programs Theory: 1 Evaluation and Synthesis”

  1. Are you guys aware of the journal Cosmos + Taxis? Are there any similar academic journals you can recommend? I'm pretty sure the Sante Fe Institute doesn't have a regular journal, though I may be wrong.

  2. From my experience, women seem to think more in terms of synthesis whereas male psychology is more geared towards analysis. Would you guys agree?

  3. Please how can I cite this lecture? What is the name of the author?

  4. Can someone explain this to me? It feels as if "Systems Thinking" and the "Analytical Approach" are one in the same. I don't think anyone ever looks at the "gas tank" of a vehicle and thinks "this is not related to the engine, which is a different component." You can't escape from separating things into components, and you can't escape from understanding that they all work together. So can someone explain to me the point that I'm missing?

  5. Hi there, I would like to make the translation of this vid and then reload it, is it possible? would I be breaking any rules (I most certainly don´t want to) Let me know! and Thanks for this great vid!

  6. For me System analysis is more like top-down approach? Am I wrong?

  7. Can you share what is the application/tool you use to create these videos? They are very clear and creative!

  8. Thank you for the video, I'm waiting for my books on the subject and wanna get a head start. I recently discovered this discipline and already I can see the good implications this type of systhesis thinking can have on our society.

  9. This is a very promising channel. Keep up the good work.

  10. hanks, thanks… This is a new perspective that i want to learn and apply.

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