On-line Enterprise Traits 2012 | Digital Company Melbourne Sydney | AndMine

: On the web Business Developments from AndMine, a Electronic Agency in Melbourne and Sydney, as considered in 2012. Consists of forecasts on Digital …


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34 Thoughts to “On-line Enterprise Traits 2012 | Digital Company Melbourne Sydney | AndMine”

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  6. Thanks @imarketingsoftware appreciate the positive feedback.

  7. @alexandramaia26 you'll need adobe software including; illustrator, photoshop, after effects.

  8. @VideoAndMine thank u!that is great!if i were to learn how to do animated videos like this for my strategy decks what do u sugest i should learn?

  9. @VideoAndMine thank you fro your reply!great agency!!inspired me to send you my cv!!really great stuff!

  10. Thanks @alexandramaia26 ! Music – its by @ blackdogsmusic. They made this cut from their samples for our video.

  11. great! really well done! love the graphics + animation! can someone tell me what is the soundtrack??pleaszeeee

  12. @hellochocobo certainly… contact us with your requirements.

  13. @Kiddgeki thanks, great insights!

  14. Great vid! All tech seems to be made with greater levels of social connectivity now – phones, game consoles, sites. If advertisers can not only exploit the social web but UNDERSTAND how people connect with each other (particularly in regards to sharing content online) then they can begin to engage their audience on an unprecedented level.

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  16. Ps. Can AndMine create a video like this for my website? (obviously with different content)

  17. SLICK video! The style actually reminds me of the videos from the abc show 'Hungry Beast', such a great way to convey stats and information. As for the content, it really puts a rocket up my backside – clearly now is the time to strike online! Don't wait!

  18. great videos, i like it………

  19. Good music,makes me feel good.

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