Most important & Secondary Analysis – An introduction

An introduction to the subjects of Most important and Secondary analysis. When organisation’s enter into strategic setting up, they carry out distinctive forms of relevant …


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4 Thoughts to “Most important & Secondary Analysis – An introduction”

  1. I have uploaded an updated version of this video. The aim is to deliver a better visual and auditive explanation of the connection between the different types of research and analysis (changes made at approximately min. 00:5001:50): Link to the new version can be found in the top right corner of the video or by clicking here:

  2. Hi Tine, Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I really enjoy the design of your videos. Just one question to make sure I don't have it wrong. At minute: 1.18 you state, '(…) such as using different types of analyses. Such as internal: Pest, Porter Five Forces, etc.'. So my question is .. Is Pest not part of an external analysis and not an internal analysis?

    Looking forward to viewing many more of your videos. Thank you

  3. I love the way you make your videos so relatable, you can follow on from previous videos. Thank you

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