Major Added benefits of Cloud Phone Systems | Favored Tech Toys

In this week’s episode of UC Tech Chat, Brian and Jason discuss positive aspects of mobile phone devices in the Cloud. Also, they are going to just take a glance at their favourite substantial tech …


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Top Benefits of Cloud Phone Systems | Favorite Tech Toys

In this week’s episode of UC Tech Chat, Brian and Jason discuss benefits of phone systems in the Cloud. Also, they’ll take a look at their favorite high tech children’s toys.

What are the benefits of a Cloud-based business phone system?
· Quick setup
· Cost savings
· Time savings
· Mobile features
· Enterprise phone system features
· Reduced IT

Cloud-based business phone systems are perfectly suited for small to mid sized businesses because it’s easy to scale up and down quickly.

UC Tech Chat is a biweekly web series featuring unbranded topical information helpful to small to medium-size businesses and technology enthusiasts. The show is hosted by Digium’s Product Marketing Manager, Brian Ferguson, Inside Sales Manager, Jason Mefford and Marketing Communications (MARCOM) Director, Julie Webb. It takes a light humorous look at trends in business communications and offers unique insight from the hosts, all seasoned UC experts.

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