52 thoughts on “How to Properly Tag your YouTube Videos

  1. what about putting compound tags in quotation marks like “how to build something”

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  2. Great video!! Your videos have really helped me boost up views on my channel!

    1. Thanks +George Doumanian Jr … That means a lot!  It motivates me to make more videos for you to watch!

    2. hey +Derral Eves do you know how to make my video appear on suggestion list? I wold be very pleasant if you help me 🙂

    3. +TechKid! I believe you tag your channel name. I’ve started doing it and noticed more of my videos show up in the suggestions

    4. +Techkid! no problem. That’s what I got told so started doing it. I think it works, my own videos seem to show up more. Worth a shot

  3. There are no longer suggested tags, huge shame because it helped me out so much 🙁

    1. +Rikarwb I’m not really sure, but it should show up after it’s done processing, so 20 minutes?

  4. Does it affect anything if i put a ‘#’ in front of my tags? like #Earth instead of Earth?

  5. I’m working on a new tool called TubeKAT that will show you the keywords to use that will be most easy to rank for.

  6. i learnt alot. Btw as a small youtuber, in the tags, should you tag your own channel name?

    1. at first i never did that with my videos, and they i did that and i noticed that i actually show up now when you search my youtube name

    2. I’m a silly gooseeeeee. But hey, at least i like doors so thats something

  7. How did you get your video to upload so quickly. My video is 2:17 minutes and it took 20 minutes to upload. Thank you!

  8. how do you copy tags onto other videos of yours??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    1. You can just make a list and separate each word by commas and copy/paste it in
      Like,This,You,just add,things

    1. +kelia the millionare just go into video manager, select edit on the video you want and should take you to the page where you can add tags

  9. question what if I have giant miniature hamster verses Spider Pig monkeys. could you give me an example of Satan good keywords for those? I’m thinking spider, pigs, monkeys, hamsters, Armageddon, and how to bake pecan pies the right way. Am I close?

  10. it’s all completely different from uploading from your phone. can’t hardly do any type of editing.

  11. I can’t be the only one who uses only “albert einstein”, “flying pig” and “mashup” … It works for me

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