How to Make Money With Amazon’s Affiliate Program (Tutorial)

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33 Thoughts to “How to Make Money With Amazon’s Affiliate Program (Tutorial)”

  1. Ms McCoy

    I am just getting started this is a great video! Which program should I join? It has a fee with it.


      have you made money yet

    2. Ms McCoy

      No I have finished signing up because I still don’t know which on to sign up under.

  2. AP M.

    You can also use those for Facebook Pages and/or Twitter?

  3. Street out laws :-/

    Does Amazon give u stuff to sell

  4. Viral Videos

    I have got a very huge money in my Amazon affiliate account how will I get to transfer that money to my bank account

  5. KazPLAY

    is there a way to get the money you earn through paypal instead of check since I can’t really use anything else cuz i’m not from the US

    1. KazPLAY

      i’m ok with checks too i’m just asking if it’s possible.

  6. Jeanea perry

    Thanks! So glad I didn’t purchase the E-commerce

  7. d chapp

    how do you add these products to your website?
    funny question, but please answer

  8. Lethallady66

    Looking for a way to earn some extra income? sign up here, And start earning today! Cash out at as little as a dollar, many options to cash out, gift cards, Echeck, direct deposit, paypal, ect. Take some time to get to know the site and read the guides, its so worth it! Remember to confirm your email and happy earnings!!

    1. Rashad Sims

      is that even legit honestly

    2. Rashad Sims

      if i can ask how have u made from that website in 2 weeks

    3. Rashad Sims

      if i can ask how have u made from that website in 2 weeks

  9. Stevan Chase

    Hi, do you get paid per click or buy?


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  10. Elisha Brown

    I’m thinking about

  11. Rashad Sims

    hey i have a question how do i know its legit i just signed up for amazon assiciates prrogram is this correct they have my name and adress is this correct

  12. Steves Profit Secrets

    Amazon affiliate program is amazing…there is some higher end priced stuff with less competition that you can promote. This is a nice tutorial.

    1. Sitha Sithole

      hi Steves. Can you please recommend just one product. thanks!

  13. YouMatter

    Where do I put the Amazon URL in my youtube video?

    1. HeavyAccent100

      YouMatter description

  14. Search engine Optimization

    Nice video . You Explain whole tutorial very well . I would like to add just one thing If you Advertise your Affiliate Product at StudAds ,you get more effective result in terms of traffic,sales,leads and most important you will earn High Commission .

  15. Patrick Hussey

    i sighned up for the affiliate program. what do i do next i dont know whats next. do i get a web site ? and whats the best web site to use to set 1 up and what web site do you use if you don’t mind me asking i spend all night youtubing stuff. please help. and who do you use for hosting

  16. Natashia K

    Hi Lisa, I am soooo green when it comes to this stuff. I just recently started a youtube channel and join amazon affl. but I am still confused. your video did help me understand a lot though. But you mention your site, so you have 3 different websites? Here is my biggest question, are people viewing your amazon store or just the links?

    1. Lisa Irby

      Hi Natashia. They are going to my site and then clicking Amazon links. I don’t have a store.

    2. Natashia K

      Lisa Irby thank you

  17. Joseph Lorenzo

    Hi Lisa, im new to this affiliate thing but i dont know how to set up a site to link amazon products. How can i set up a site? thanks for your response

  18. Cooking With A Little Spice

    Wow I never knew about this, so cool ?

  19. trecey920

    Hi Lisa, I’m trying to get signed up as an you have a walk through video to that?

  20. FACE26526

    the first thing I should do is to make my web site before becoming an amazon affiliate?

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