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  1. Hope some of you find this helpful. In my opinion, if you have enough reach where you can make a significant amount of money with affiliate marketing, you could probably make 10x that doing something else like selling a product. But like I said, it can be a pretty nice addition to your passive income considering all you really have to do is post a link.

    Let me know if you guys have any questions about any of this. Will check back later and would love to help out. Cheers.

    1. I will teach you *Simple CPA Marketing Tricks* to $50/Day Online
      Just google: *”chriseo online money machine”* to gain free access now

    2. FightMediocrity I’ve watched some of your animated videos, which are so good. In one of them you mention that many You Tubers don’t even know what affiliate marketing IS, let alone how to use it. Would this video have helped them very much? No. After watching it, all I learned is that’s affiliate marketing is passive income (which I knew from watching videos that had disclaimers & explanations about it), and that it’s a good thing – if you already have a successful You Tube channel. I still don’t know what it is or how to set it up.

  2. Are you allowed to publish what the videos make? I thought it was not allowed by Youtube.

    1. +zunedog31 Under Analytics, there is an option called “Ad rates”. That’s what CPM is.

  3. I’m saying you’re not 100% correct with regards to earning potential for affiliate marketers.
    I know a couple guys who have absolutely made themselves millionaires with affiliate marketing. In more than 1 case making more money than you’d believe…per month lol

    1. +FightMediocrity you sounded very definitive in the video.
      but I’ve personally met several people making $100k a month from affiliate marketing practically on autopilot.
      I’m an Internet marketer myself. it’s baffling to see people who say it can’t be done. when I’ve done it.
      I dunno…
      just my 2 cents

    2. Im inclined not to believe you. nothing personal, you just didnt sell it well. godspeed.

    3. You wouldn’t believe the amount of money that I have personally seen a couple people make.
      Think 20 million a year range. Absolutely verifiable

    1. Cause it’s against the terms of services… he could get in trouble if YouTube found out. They don’t want actual figures shown.

    2. I hate when corps like YT make it anonymous of what ppl make. They just want no one to know so YT could rip-off as many ppl as they can

    3. It against TOS to show earnings if its related to Youtube or Google like youtube ads, or google adsense. What he’s showing is earnings from Amazon. Because he is showing earnings from a different company it’s not against Google TOS.

  4. Hey brotha, I really enjoy your videos. Much respect for putting every day effort towards growing yourself and your future.

    Some constructive criticism for this video: Affiliate Marketing is an enormous industry. What you’re sharing is a very specific subsection of that which is great but it’s misleading to leave out a precursor to the video giving a short explanation of that.

    The title implies viewers can make a certain amount doing affiliate marketing. All companies have different compensation structures and plans and there are definitely different methods to go about building an affiliate marketing company/organisation. How much effort put forth makes an exponential difference in earning potential as well.

    Thanks for the great book reviews and incite.

    1. Hey Alex! Yeah, I should’ve probably specified in the title that this was in regards to Amazon. And even then, like I said, this video isn’t meant to be extrapolated into something. It’s just one single data point to maybe kind of give some sort of an idea.

  5. Food for thought;
    I like to always look at things logically, let’s talk about the money! I’m no expert but you’ve nearly reached 500,000 thousand subscribers. I’ll ask one simple question do you think each subscription you have if you were to sell your page is worth $2 dollars each? If so congrats you’d be a millionaire if you sold your channel to the highest bidder.

    The only difference between my channel and yours is I’ve never utilised mine oh and you have subscribers which in my eyes are worth more than advertising any product.

    1. Depends on how good you are at business. A following of half a mil can be monetized a lot more.

  6. Appreciate the honesty. I am very interested in earning passive income online but have no idea where to begin lol

    1. Quite a forthright answer. But I guess just a matter of research, a plan, and execution. I have discovered some routes. Im working on getting an income stream before I apply to PA school. Thnx bruddah

  7. I have actually implemented this using Amazon affiliate links to books I’m summarising. I don’t have hundreds of thousands of people watching my videos and I guess very few were actually clicking through. Subsequently I was cut off by Amazon for not selling and making any money. While this video is good for awareness, for people like myself who are actually trying to implement it, do you think you’d have any suggestions on the actual logistics of executing Amazon affiliate marketing?

    Example, does providing one book link only make you $ if they buy that book? Or do you need a separate type of link that will track any other types of purchases they do on the site?

    What are ways to optimise affiliate links? Things like that.

    1. I wouldn’t even worry about affiliate links unless you have a lot of reach.

  8. If you make1300 $ in the Ukraine, you are living like a King, while in NY it is nothing. So it really does depend on where you staying. Thank You for this awesome Video!
    Enjoyed it as always.

    1. Haha, yeah, I’m from the Republic of Georgia. $1,300 a month there puts you in like the top 1% lol. Can’t wait to go back and be rich. :))

    2. I have the exactly same mindset. One day I will leave Germany and go back their.
      I wish you the best, so you can go back as fast as you can! :))

    3. I am from India and here also 1300$ puts you in the top 1% πŸ˜€ Only 0.3% have over 100,000$.. i am really grateful that i belong in this group

  9. Of course you can become a millionaire with affiliate marketing, just not with the business model you presented.

    1. That’s right sir, there are bunch of people online that are milions with affiliate marketing. On Clickbank, there are lot of informational products that are great quality and that are giving away 75% of their comissions.


    1. Gabriel I don’t think you have learned enough. That kind of super dramatic talk should be avoided, it Only scares away people from you and is kind of useless. Better say exactly how it helped you in short sentences. Example this channel introduce me to books, stocks and positive thinking and I went from being broke and depressed to be a rich stock investor and the kind of life described in the book the flow. You didn’t KILLED yourself because God didn’t want you to do it. Worship God if anything. Not other people.
      Not even the creator of the channel and your life savior replied to you. That’s how you know it doesn’t help anyone.

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  12. hi bro, what’s up. how r u doing now? it’s been 3 month, missed it book reviews

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