Grow Your YouTube Channel Quick: Branding & Marketing and advertising Suggestions

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30 Thoughts to “Grow Your YouTube Channel Quick: Branding & Marketing and advertising Suggestions”

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  2. Wait, people don't watch vlogs at 30 though? You didn't really mean that did you? Lol. I know plenty of people in their 30s who watch vlogs and tons of people 30 and up who make vlogs who have audiences in their same age range. I think it really depends on the type of vlog, like if it's beneficial or not. Especially in the travel and language learning communities. You have tons of older people into that stuff.

  3. How do I figure out what people are paying for though? (Thanks for this so much! I really appreciate this!!)

  4. This is exactly what I needed to hear for my Motivation page, thanks a ton Clark!

  5. what if you are not sure what you are good at?

  6. the venn diagram exercise was hard D: i don't know what i'm an expert in. expert at being a jack of all trades and having too many interests?? lol

  7. Thank you for this video. I have a channel with mostly Stuttering Support videos along with vlogs but I also want to add a few fashion/lifestyle videos but I have a mostly male audience according to my analytics and would like to attract more females. I'm a relatively new channel but I hope that's not too broad.

  8. I wonder if the "millennial man" was with black hair and brown eyes?

  9. Hey guys! Thanks for the support on this video. To say thanks – I put together a quick free guide: "YouTube Success: 31 Proven Tactics to Increase Your Views, Subscribers and Money"

  10. Excellent tips, thank you! 🙂 🙂

  11. anyone sub to me i will sub to him just click like and done to this comment

  12. thanks man i'm trying to hit 20,000 by April. Ambitious, yes, possible, …

  13. I like your approach. and want to learn. mail me your email id so that I can ask questions.

    thanks Clark

  14. Clark hey man! Question: does monetizing your channel via YouTube ads aid in your ranking? The logic being that if YouTube is going to make from your video doing better than somebody else's then it may give you another boost. Has this come up in your calls with Google? Thanks

  15. Thanks for featuring my comment in the video. I was surprised. Haha

  16. hey clark the last like 3 mins of this video are just black 😛 youd probably get a lot more complete views on this video id you edit that out😄 peace thanks for the info

  17. Hmm thought it was Clark danger

  18. Great video but you are wrong about Casey's vlogs. I'm 32 and love to watch his vlogs 😉

  19. Hey I'm the guitar/psychology/relationships guy o/ !! Thanks for this man, really appreciate it! Plus, really helpful, I´m working right now on the diagram with the three questions and trying to stare eye to eye to my youtube persona. Also I´m emailing you, everything at the same time lol, so excited. Best wishes Clark, and keep the good work.

  20. Great advice, love your chanel, the audio in the mid of this video is low. Happy Thanksgiving Clark.

  21. He Clark, Love your videos….! Your stirring our brain with ideas to grow faster and create an image and brand our channel. I have a new channel and am using much of your advice. Just wanna say thanks!

  22. fantastic Clark. thank you for this key valuable information

  23. Looking forward to more videos! I've learned to love learning & golden nuggets can definitely be found on your channel! Thanks Clark!

  24. Loved this…thank you. I missed the hack vid, off to watch that! Looking forward to part 3.

  25. CLY

    This video is great! Going to try all of them so I can hopefully hit 1.500 subs by the end of the year. Thanks Clark!

  26. This is great advice! Thanks for sharing these tips. I'm definitely going to create a fiction character to make videos for, such a good idea.

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