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Review The Conversion Pros Lead & Traffic System - - Augusta, GA - The Conversion Pros Lead & Traffic System Review - all at 706-691-3990 or email me at

Hi, we're Coach Pete Meadows and Mark Taylor from Augusta, Georgia and Waco, Texas.

And we're here to offer you the most powerful, cutting edge tool, called PeriscopeBiz. A proprietary system designed to help marketers and businesses to utilize the new age of streaming media.

We know that small business owners are shocked...By the high prices of online marketing services some "gurus" are charging.

Owners know they need them, but for like social media, blogging, SEO and video marketing are cost prohibitive. And even worse, many services under-deliver...After businesses finally do come to the table.

Owners expect certain results while being sold something totally different. These over-priced and under-delivering online marketing services are creating a cycle of distrust and anger within the industry.

That's why my partners and I created the single most versatile marketing tool since the Internet using Twitter's Periscope app. Periscope is a simple mobile video streaming app. Best of all, the app is 100% free. When connected to our PeriscopeBiz platform, it provides businesses of any size with a next generation marketing tool. Putting business owners back in control of their brand, exposure and budget!

You see, our software Automates social media & video marketing content produced through this simple little mobile app. Our system PeriscopeBiz system is a web based software. It converts and publishes your daily or weekly videos.

And while you are engaging a live and in real-time audience with your Periscope marketing messages through your mobile app, our system transforms them into instant and totally hands-free social media, video marketing and blogging based SEO content.

But under-estimate the dual power of the Periscope and PeriscopeBiz system.

First, the LIVE feature. While producing your short video through your mobile app, you are at the same time engage customers like never before..LIVE and in real-time! And while your business engages customers and builds a loyal following on Periscope, the second feature kicks into action.

Second, the VIRTUAL FOOTPRINT effect. After you've completed your video, the PeriscopeBiz transforms these powerful real-time interactions into highly optimized video and social media marketing content, automatically! So later people will be able to find you in Google and YouTube, as well as on Twitter and Facebook.

So the PeriscopeBiz system, together with your free Periscope app, creates a powerful double edged local marketing sword....with both real-time engagement and post creation content benefits.

And no other system is available online.

So give me a call at 706-691-3990 or email me at and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have about how you can achieve a significant local marketing advantage...for a fraction of the cost.

Thanks for dropping by!

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