Affiliate Marketing – Overview for Beginners

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21 Thoughts to “Affiliate Marketing – Overview for Beginners”

  1. Greg Coop

    Great presentation Lisa. I have been an affiliate marketer for the past 2 years now with Clickbank and Commission Junction. And marketing products overseas has been very lucrative for me. My niche happens to be “music” and I promoted Clickbank’s Dr. Drum music software in Trinidad and Jamaica and made well over $5,000 in less than a month. I also use aweber as an email list builder and delivery service which is very important for me to market new music products to my customer base. TTYL

  2. IPAD eBusiness

    stumbled upon your video. you explained affiliate marketing very well. you must be a veteran.

  3. onlinemarketingbeast

    Thanks for the share Lisa, keep up the great work.

  4. Sam M

    Hey Lisa, can you please help me with affiliate marketing?

  5. Affiliate Talk

    Nice information, well explained.

  6. Sarah Hafner

    Super helpful! Thanks for all the tips!

  7. Joanne Kyriakou

    Would like to see you at AffTogether, Lisa! Thanks!

  8. Victoria Cavallo

    good video for beginners, ta

  9. Internet Marketing News and Reviews

    Great overview video for newbies A +++

  10. James Hudson

    awesome overview!  


    Great video Lisa! Very informative.

  12. Emmuel Robbin

    Thanks! I shall click your link!

  13. Emmanuel Mba

    Great video for the begginner

  14. Bill Calhoun

    Lisa, can I grab your feedback?

    1.  I’m stationed in Asia (Singapore) and am an author and NLP & Fatloss coach.  Do you think I have an advantage with fitness and fatloss affiliate systems/products here or is the industry already saturated?

    2.  What was your most robust affiliate, money-making industry (Health, electronics, etc.)?


  15. Bill Calhoun

    Oops, forgot to mention your articulation, confidence, and expertise SHINES within your tutorials.
    Rock-on Lisa!

  16. munni kabir

    Awesome video I got some good stuff from it, before now I have worked on online marketing and Ive always been unable to bank any cash, my brother generates lots of income every month working the Moolafan Minisites program (just google it) have any of you know about it? I am going to get started putting it into use in the next few weeks.

  17. Raju Ahmed

    Fab video I realized some stuff, whenever I have tried affiliate marketing and I have not been able to earn anything, my cousin makes a substantial amount of money monthly working on the Moolafan Minisites method (should be on google have a look) have you know of it? Im going to get started putting it into use within the next week.

  18. Dilara Afroj

    Cool video I understand what you mean, when I have tried affiliate marketing and Ive always failed to bank anything, my mate generates loads of income monthly using the Moolafan Minisites program (do a google search) has anyone know of it? Im going to start putting it into use in the next week.

  19. eye LoveL.A

    hey lisa, i tried to sign up for this course at but it tells me that the coupon has expired.

    1. Lisa Irby

      Awesome! Thank you. Enjoy the course. :-)+eye LoveL.A 

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