ADM Videoblog #118 — “Chronicling Your Movie | Your Manufacturing Journal, Your Manufacturing Stills, and Guiding-the-Scenes Footage”

When future purchasers speak to me, one particular of the initially things I am going to explain to them to do is to chronicle the journey of the creating their film.

I explain to them they definitely will need to have a committed particular person on staff who’s responsible for the following (preferably a compensated place):

** the author-director’s day-to-day journal.
** a creation journal.
** creating-of stills, on-established driving-the-scenes stills, and location scouting (“reccie”) stills.
** video footage of almost everything.

I also explain to them they will need to back this information up in *4* destinations (indeed, 4!), preferably on two SDHC memory cards and two exterior memory (High definition) sources.

Trust me, you’ll be happy that you did…especially as the sum of driving-the-scenes footage reaches into the Tb capacity!

All of this materials can later be made use of as part of your DVD unique features and monetized appropriately.


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