A Critical Eye – a check of the Sony FS5 and Slog in 4K

2/28/16: SONY FIXES Issues WITH V1.11 FIRMWARE. I have tested this and it removes all huge macro blocking “noise” (the noise looks like very simple grain now) and it removes the tearing artifacts. It also permits you to acquire up to say, ISO 6400 (+6db) and even now have a pleasant picture with grain like noise. Down load below: https://www.servicesplus.sel.sony.com/sony-software program-model-PXWFS5.aspx

Kudos to them for listening!!

one/21/16 UPDATE: This online video made a firestorm on the net. These are my previous remarks on the concerns, on the hottest NeedCreative Short Podcast: http://www.anticipatemedia.com/needcreative-podcast-temporary/2016/one/twenty/ep-6-the-fs5-storm-of-discontent (TLDL: once more… It truly is a good camera, requirements a handful of tweaks, can be labored around, but Sony’s advertising and marketing is flawed…)

A handful of supplemental new notes on this check:

– ISO 3200 in SLOG is in simple fact db acquire.
– Documentary and “run n gun” shooters typically have to acquire up to capture their photographs. That reported the camera has odd banding and macroblocking in regions of sound colour even at db acquire.
– Note you really don’t see a large amount of banding in these photographs because there is not any form of huge space of colour like a sky below. I consider some of these photographs glimpse fairly good, as I point out a handful of situations in the online video.
– This check does not tackle the “edge tearing” difficulty that you can see below: https://vimeo.com/150547928
– The FS7 reveals comparable macroblocking when shot in XAVC-L if NR is engaged. The difficulty below is likely about-intense NR.

twelve/29/15 UPDATE: Hear to the new one hour review on the NeedCreative Short Podcast: http://www.anticipatemedia.com/needcreative-podcast-temporary/2015/twelve/29/ep-5-the-sony-fs5-total-review

(new photographs also there).

ISO 3200 = db acquire on the FS5 (in SLOG only! It truly is a thousand for cinegammas). ISO 2000 is db for the FS7. I do not know what db is on the other cameras, but SLog min on the A7RII is 800, and RX100 is 1600.

Original textual content:

A short while ago I been given the new Sony PXW-FS5 Camera. I have an FS7 by now and procured it as a tiny run n gun / B cam, perhaps to replace my A7RII for that reason. I was stunned even so to see the huge volume of noise the FS5 was placing out, and originally I made the decision to return it instantly. Ahead of I did that, I ran just one extra check. What is the verdict? Look at and see. It truly is not obvious minimize. (Trace: I am maintaining it, but there are caveats!)

** Merchandise in scene are for check applications only and not endorsements of the goods demonstrated. **

You should look at the complete factor. I have witnessed numerous remarks like “you only shot in s-log and Alister Chapman reported really don’t do that!”. Well, no, I shot in Cine as properly and it’s in below. “You didn’t check with a recorder!” Well, I did. “You graded erroneous!” Well, the original footage is in there way too. You just have to have to look at it all.

TLDR/DW: This camera is fine at ISO 3200 in 4K. Not fantastic, but shut enough to the FS7 which is quite good. It is amazingly noisy in ISO 6400 even when about exposed, in the shadows. In Hd, 6400 is alright but even now noisy as properly. Externally recorded – no problem, even up to ISO twelve,800. The FS7 looks considerably cleaner internally recorded due to it’s codec with a lot extra bits assigned to it. The Shogun in ProRes 422 is the cleanest, even cleaner than the FS7 recorded internally. The A7RII utilizing (pretty much the exact) 100bit codec is substantially cleaner when internally recorded at ISO 6400 and earlier mentioned, however looks to have a tad less dynamic assortment.

This is a run n gun camera that can not be made use of cleanly earlier mentioned its foundation ISO for Slog, or possibly 6400 in Cine. The A7RII is greater at the exact activity and that is a forty two Megapixel stills camera.

That is not to say this is a lousy camera – considerably from it. I saved it and it can effortlessly be a B camera to the FS7 – following all how typically do you genuinely shoot about ISO 3200 in any case? If you do, use the FS7, A7RII, or a recorder on the FS5. If not you are good to go for all but the most demanding packages, in which you would likely use a recorder on an FS7 and possibly document Raw in any case.

I was just astonished that more affordable Sony cameras not developed for online video are cleaner. I thought offered the FS5 appears to use the exact processing as the A7 collection, and the quite good sensor from the F5, that it would be cleaner at bigger ISOs because it’s meant to be a documentary camera. And typically on docos you have to have small light functionality and cannot handle the light! I hope Sony fixes this mess. But I even now like the camera…. I just wouldn’t make it an A cam for small light/high ISO use.

[Editor notice March 2016: “noise” below meant noise rendition. Aside from the FS7, the other cameras tested experienced the exact or even extra noise than the FS5, but seemed “cleaner” due to the lack of objectionable artifacts that the FS5 experienced. All those artifacts ended up eradicated in FW one.11, cleaning up the picture substantially. You could possibly say it looks “less noisy” even however there is not actually less noise.]

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